LegacyFF Developer Client

FusionFall LegacyFF Developer Client 0.00

LegacyFF Custom FusionFall Game Client


We are excited to share our custom FusionFall launchers with the debut of our new server.

You can choose between two different launchers:

LegacyFF Direct Client
This server connects ONLY to the main LegacyFF server. Click to learn more.

Full Access Launcher
The Full Access Launcher lets you switch seamlessly between four different servers.

LegacyFF Beta
Our first server, currently in its beta stage, is running Retro with locations and NPCs you may not have seen all in one place!
Featuring the never-before-seen Monster Island, a custom location inspired by the PowerPuff Girls show that was originally created by the FusionFall Retro Team. Talk to Argost in Candy Cove to receive a brand new mission and investigate Monster Island's location.
Candy Cove is also currently hosting the Mother Blowfish, Flapjack, Bubbie the Whale, Blood Gnats, and more!

All of the usual Retro NPCs and Nanos are included. Some bugs may be present. This server is guaranteed not to reset, so your player data will be safe.

LegacyFF Dev Server (aka Retrobash)
Our second server is an experimental build, combining elements from multiple versions of FusionFall. It contains nearly all of the original Fusionfall NPCs. This server has some Academy world features such as Jake the dog in Sector V and Ice King's Castle at Bravo Beach. Unused nanos will be featured, replacing a few of the usual nanos: Upgrade, Flapjack, Albedo, Cheese, and Zak Saturday.
This server will feature an eventual total rewrite of the game. There will be brand new missions and NPCs may move to different locations.
Warning: This server's data may reset in the future.

LegacyFF Academy
This is our Academy server, running a fully playable Academy build of the game. Including the Academy tutorial and locations such as Providence HQ, the Null Void, and Mt. Neverest. All Academy exclusive missions and NPCs are present. We have also added Monster Island and Retro-Exclusive Nanos. Retro NPCs will be added soon.

LegacyFF 2008
This is a beta version from the "sneak peek" weekends where players were able to briefly experience the game leading up to its release. Includes: different trees, different walking animations, no vehicles, different nano powers. The treehouse in the Future isn't on the ground, and the game is incomplete- you cannot fight Fuse.

You can also use this launcher to connect to the Retrobution server (which is not affiliated with us). It will also allow you to use our custom textures on Retrobution (see Retrobution texture pack)

Having issues? Try clearing your cache files

How to Clear your Cache

Want more information?

Here's a tutorial on How to Play FusionFall with LegacyFF
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