Opening Asset Bundles with DevX

Tutorial Opening Asset Bundles with DevX

Opening Asset Bundles with DevX

What is DevX?
DevX Unity Unpacker Tools makes it possible to open the game's asset files and view their contents.
This is especially helpful when you need to know which bundles contain specific NPCs, textures, sounds, etc.
You can also extract or edit some contents directly.

Download DevX here:

Unarchive the files into a new folder. Find and run the application file "DevXUnityUnpackerMain"


Click the file icon in the upper-left corner and select "Open as Asset File"


Find the Asset file you want to look through.

Click here to learn how to extract asset bundles with disUnity.

If you've played FusionFall on your computer before, you can also find asset bundles in your cache by navigating to AppData\LocalLow\Unity\Web Player\Cache


Let's open the Tutorial files.


If it's a large bundle, it may take a moment to unpack.

Here it is! These are the asset files from the Tutorial Bundle.


You can also use the filter to narrow the selection.


For images like this one, you can use "Save as PNG" to save.


Now we have a full quality copy of the in-game map.


Let's look for an NPC texture. Most of them are in npctexture_2eresourceFile but you will also see them in other places. (Such as the Tutorial Bundle.)

NPC related files are usually named with the format "npc_"

Click the binoculars icon to search.


These are the NPCs stored in the Tutorial bundle.

Here's an example of what an NPC Texture looks like:

With DevX, not only can we extract these images, but we can also replace them.
This means that you can customize almost any texture in the game.

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