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XF1 ADD-ON Showcase (Item Management System, Guides, Garage, Reviews etc) 2017-07-28

What is a Showcase? Showcase is a "Product Management System" designed to provide an interface for forum owners to "showcase" using images uploaded from the XenForo Media Gallery and associated images and WYSIWYG content and custom area content, and provides detailed information on each product. .

Basic Features

Nested Categories - Unlimited Nested Categories.
Tabbed Content - Each Category can have up to 5 content tabs for users to view WYSIWYG information about the product (more tabs can be added via custom field with its own tab)
Special Product Area - Special Areas for Showcase Products
Custom Review Fields - Custom Fields for User Comments
Prefixes - Prefix system for product filtering
Tags - Integrated with Core XenForo Tags system
Product Monitoring - Alerts and emails are sent to users when products are updated or a review is posted.
Watch Categories - You will receive alerts and emails when a new product is created.
Find-new - Displays Unread / Unwatched Showcase items.
User Permissions - Decide which users or user groups can use Showcase.
Full Category Permissions - All usergroup permissions can be set by categories.
Image Permissions - Decide how many images and file sizes image users or user groups can add.
News Feed Integration - User activity in Showcase appears in XenForo's news feed system.
Ratings - AJAX grading system for products
Inspections - Speed and Inspection System (with Private Area System)
Alerts - Notified when users like products or reviews and when someone responds to the product.
Multiple Responsible Layout - List View, Grid View, Article View, News View, News View II, Tile View, Custom View, Custom View II and Modular Layouts for both SC Home and SC Category pages.
Idioms for Translations
XenForo Media Gallery Album Integration
Bd Widget Framework - Fully integrated with Widget Framework. It includes several editors for creating widgets.
[BTA] Highlights and Portal Integration

Category Content is working. Category Content allows you to add custom content (Plain Text or HTML) to the first page of a category above the product listing.

Custom Product Areas: Showcase has its own dedicated area manager. You can create custom areas for 7 "zones" (Tabs 1-5, a Sidebar Module and Self Layout).

Highlights: Products can now be marked as "featured". Featured Products are displayed in the Featured Module on the Showcase Landing page. There are 2 Widgets showing "featured" products in the [bd] widget frame. New Moderator Permissions 'Check Item Attributes' Enables unchecking and unchecking.

Ratings: Each product can be rated by the Star Rating System. When a user rates an item, the owner of the item receives an alert as well as a newsletter item. There is a usergroup permission that lets you set whether a usergroup can rate a product or not. You can also set a permission to let the product owner rate their product. Alerts are not sent and news feeds are not sent when rating own products.

Rate & Review: You can now allow reviews for products by setting the Rate and Reviews values (per category). You can also set an option to force reviews (per category). Reviews have their own tabs for each product.

Special Review Areas: Showrin has its own dedicated review areas manager. This "fields" (Star ratings, input, radio, combo box, etc.) will be displayed on the user review form.

Discussion Topic Integration: (per category) you can set whether you want to automatically generate topics for new products.

Comments: Each product has its own comment section (Enabled Per Category). Comments can be replied, liked, edited, and deleted (depending on permissions). The owner of the product receives a warning for all new comments. Commenting users will also receive a warning when new comments are posted (users can reject this). Comments and Replies are completely parsed from BBCODE and users can be tagged and alerted.

Liked: Each product and comment can be liked. When products and comments are liked, alerts are sent and news feeds are created.

Report: Each Product and comment can be reported. Uses XenForo reporting system.

Moderation Queue: Products can be put into "auditing" mode and handled through the XenForo auditing queue as well as the Product Management System in Manager CP. Also, all newly created products for an individual or user group are "Managed".
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