[UW] Forum Comments System

XF2 ADD-ON [UW] Forum Comments System 2.0.7

Compatible XF Versions2.1 , 2.2


This Forum Comments System add-on allows users to post comments under a reply in the forum. The add-on is already feature complete and in stable condition without any known bugs. This FCS add-on combines similar functionalities as you can find in vB5, Facebook and xF2 profile comments.

There are already 13 user group permission options available now organized in a dedicated section. Notification, alerts are sent no matter where the comment is written, whether it is in a new or an old reply.

There is a "Comment" link in the post action bar. If you've got a long list of comments then you would have to scroll up to click the Comment link. As you can see above we now have a "Write a comment..." input directly below the list of comments. Clicking this, as mentioned above, loads the editor which, again, also supports rich formatting.
  • Worth to mention: Comments don't count to the total number of messages, because comments are just comments. Not regular messages. Also this is already a feature complete add-on. Not major features are planed. Mostly just keeping it updated, bug free and improvements of current features. So please buy this only if you are OK with the current functionality and features.

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