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Website Owner
  1. You can make as many accounts as you'd like
  2. You may only login to this website through an account YOU created, using someone else's account will lead to a PERMANENT BAN!
  3. No spam of ANY kind, you can talk about LEGAL spam and sex all you want though
  4. No homophobic, or discriminatory language
  5. Don't spam
  6. You are not allowed to link to any websites ranked above 5000 on Alexa (
  7. If accused of scamming with credible proof, you will be permanently banned (email [email protected] to appeal)
  8. Trolling is allowed as long as it's not done in a section of business
  9. Don't do or talk about anything illegal
  10. Do not upload content that you deem violates the laws and practices of the United States of America
  11. The staff are Judge, Jury, and Executioner when it comes to bans... life isn't fair, get OVER IT.