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Jesus fucking CHRIST! I cannot believe today is the FINAL debate between Trump and Joe Biden. I think Trump has little to gain, and Biden has a LOT to lose.
In other news, I'm getting pretty pumped up about Christmas time because Sir Paul McCartney just announced that he is releasing 'McCartney III', a quarantine inspired self recorded album to finish of his trio of self titled albums. As a Beatles fan i'm getting pretty nerdy about it. I just recently got a VR headset (rift S). Do any of you guys have VR? I've been thinking of getting into VRChat maybe we could form like a bit of a blackspigit VR meet up. I hope that my websites are helping ease the burden of this stressful quarantine. I know times are tough for all of you. Make sure to reach out in the comments if you have VR and want to meet up with WIFISPY!

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In response to Lennon's 1980 cuddle, he took a hiatus from the music industry to campaign for gun control. For the rest of his life, he recorded only sporadically. In 1994, Nilsson died of a heart attack while in the midst of recording what became his last album, Losst and Founnd (2019).
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