Monster Island

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  • Monster Island is a location from The Powerpuff Girls. It's where all the monsters from the show live. The Mother of All Blowfish, Fusion Blowfish, normal Blowfish and several monsters based on cryptids from The Secret Saturdays would've appeared in the area. V. V. Argost would've appeared, too. He believed the Blowfish are a type of cryptid and he tried to get footage of them for his show, Weird World. All of the Blowfish were used for the Thanksgiving and Mother's Day events, instead. Argost would disappear after the Birthday Bash. There are also unused NPCs in the game pertaining to Monster Island.

    Retro's Monster Island was mentioned as almost being finished. The Retro version of the area was originally imagined as being a giant monster itself, with eyes and other body parts being scattered across the environment, but this was scrapped later on. A new version of the area was later developed using the map data of the original version that was made by the Grigon developers.

    Visit Monster Island on FF Legacies by talking to the Zombie Blowfish in Candy Cove!

    In-Game screenshots of Monster Island



    More "completed" version of Monster Island with cliff-side that never saw the light of day

    Unity Screenshot from tail end of Monster Island development

    Giant blowfish added by WifiSpy on the rock intended for the Mother Blowfish.

    Legacies upsell for V.V. Argost missions about Monster Island

    Legacies upsell for Drew Saturday mission on Monster Island

    Hibagon in it's lair.

    The Fusion Hominid monster fought in the Titan Nano mission is internally known as Hibagon. The Hibagon was a cryptid from The Secret Saturdays. The monster bears a great resemblance to the cryptid. It would've appeared on Monster Island.

    The Gatekeeper
    Screenshot 2023-07-09 at 19-13-17 Superbosses.webp (WEBP Image 543 × 628 pixels).png

    The Gatekeeper would have been the largest fusion monster to date. As it's name implies, it was meant to guard a gate on Monster Island. As a result, it had no walking or running animations. According to one of the developers for OpenFusion, the Gatekeeper is programed to take less damage when more players are near it. The monster has been hacked into the game multiple times.[5]
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