PSA OFFICIAL BETA SERVER LAUNCH - Download launcher now!

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We are excited to share our custom FusionFall launchers with the debut of our new server.


You can choose between two different launchers:

LegacyFF Launcher
Our classic launcher is simpler as it only connects to our main server, LegacyFF Beta. This one is the better choice if you don't want to play on more than one server. The main server will have the most consistent gameplay experience. It's guaranteed to never reset (player data will be safe) and will have frequent updates. Since we're currently in Beta, there may be some bugs or unplayable missions.

Full Access Launcher
The Full Access Launcher lets you switch seamlessly between four different servers.

LegacyFF Beta
Our first server, currently in its beta stage, is running Retro with locations and NPCs you may not have seen all in one place!
Featuring the never-before-seen Monster Island, a custom location inspired by the PowerPuff Girls show that was originally created by the FusionFall Retro Team. Talk to Argost in Candy Cove to receive a brand new mission and investigate Monster Island's location.
Candy Cove is also currently hosting the Mother Blowfish, Flapjack, Bubbie the Whale, Blood Gnats, and more!

All of the usual Retro NPCs and Nanos are included. Some bugs may be present. This server is guaranteed not to reset, so your player data will be safe.

LegacyFF Academy
This is our Academy server, running a fully playable Academy build of the game. Including the Academy tutorial and locations such as Providence HQ, the Null Void, and Mt. Neverest. All Academy exclusive missions and NPCs are present. We have also added Monster Island and Retro-Exclusive Nanos. Retro NPCs will be added soon.

LegacyFF 2008
This is a beta version from the "sneak peek" weekends where players were able to briefly experience the game leading up to its release. Includes: different trees, different walking animations, no vehicles, different nano powers. The treehouse in the Future isn't on the ground, and the game is incomplete- you cannot fight Fuse.

You can also use this launcher to connect to the Retrobution server (which is not affiliated with us). It will also allow you to use our custom textures on Retrobution (see Retrobution texture pack)

Having issues? Try clearing your cache files: How to Clear your Cache

PSA Welcome to NuclearFF

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PSA Fusionfall Archive Index

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This thread serves as an overview of every FusionFall file in existence and whether or not it's been recovered.
✅ means that the file has been archived, 🚫 means that the file's whereabouts are unknown!

Monster Island
This area was created for an expansion Grigon Entertainment was planning, it was near completion but got scrapped when the company went bankrupt. Map files and terrain were recovered from the turner CDN but no assets. Some assets intended for this area were used in Academy and are labelled EXMI in the game bundles. The FusionFall retro team was working on re-creating Monster Island using the EXMI game assets before they shut down. Their work on this, alongside Grigon's original terrain for the area was leaked in 2022. ✅

FusionFall Retro Builds
FusionFall Retro was an unofficial revival of the Cartoon Network MMORPG FusionFall, which was crafted and supported over the span of four years by a team of devoted fans. The game was a modified version of the original game, with new custom content added later in its life. The game bundles were hosted on the FusionFall Universe website and only a few important builds of retro got saved. Below we've compiled a list of those builds.

retro-2017-08-02 ✅ August future demo
retro-2019-01-09 ✅ Birthday Bash with rainbow cake
retro-2019-06-22 ✅ Racing Update
retro-2019-11-02 ✅ ?
retro-2019-11-22 ✅ ?
retro-2019-12-17 ✅ Christmas update with ice king spire
retro-2020-01-09 ✅ New Year nanos update
Final update (with dee dee's hair) ✅ *date unknown

Jake Durr's Compositions for Retro & Legacy (Dex7322) ✅
Jake Durr composed various tracks that were intended to be used in both Legacy and Retro but that never came to fruition. Reportedly, he quit the team due to the project going in too many different directions.

Opendaisy was a FusionFall server developed by Big Homie and operated by Daisy (animeslayz), homie was a talented developer who has since vanished from the FusionFall community. We've archived his scripts that could back-port characters and items from 2011 builds of the game. OpenDaisy featured areas from Academy like Mt. Neverest and Providence- it also had Drew Saturday. Eventually, the server was shut down and daisy released the files for anybody to run locally. 4 different builds of OpenDaisy from various time periods have been archived.

opendaisy-2021-04-02 ✅ - This backup was found on
opendaisy-2021-04-29 ✅ - This backup was found on
opendaisy-2021-05-08 ✅ - This backup was found on
opendaisy-2022-05-27 ✅ - I personally took this backup before their WebServer went down
opendaisy server ✅ - This server is inferior to the retrobution server files available here
big homie's scripts ✅ - Used to backport content from academy asset bundles

Devan's Townsville Mall Overhaul
According to the FusionFall wiki, Ami and Yumi were going to be added as NPCs alongside and update meant to overhaul the layout and purpose of Townsville Mall, and would play on a stage that would've been part of a new park area. A test import from when retro was working on the mall got leaked in 2022. It had no texture, so I commissioned a designer to create one for it. The tower will be on LegacyFF but we haven't gotten collisions to work yet. ✅

Retrobution is one of the more finely tuned builds of FusionFall. I particularly appreciate the changes Jade made to melee weapons and overall it's just more stable. The only downside is that it lacks the extra additions from OpenDaisy. Over the past 6 months I've taken quite a few backups of the Retrobution asset bundles and below I'll list the dates of when they were taken.

Retrobution-2022-05-21 ✅
Retrobution-2022-07-31 ✅
Retrobution-2023-01-02 ✅
Retrobution Server (slightly outdated) ✅

Hippie Hop
After retro shut down, Devan imported a fully animated version of H.I.P.P.I.E. H.O.P. into the game. It had collisions and you could hop inside of it's head. Thankfully, the files for this have not been lost. ✅

"Legacy" Frankie
Despite not being made for Legacy, Devan designed an FFL inspired model for Frankie based off Midori Foo's original artwork. Like Hippie Hop, this was imported into the game after the shutdown of retro and also has not been lost. ✅

Park Project
The timeline is a bit unclear, but at some point in 2006/2007 the developers for FusionFall were experimenting with porting the game from Gamebryo over to the unity engine. A demo was produced called "park project", it's a prototype proof of concept build that was meant to showcase the functionality of unity. Reportedly, somebody who worked for Cartoon Network was sharing files with the retro team over FTP but had a change of heart and deleted everything. The retro team was supposed to delete anything they downloaded... but they did not. That's why we have the Park Project demo. Also included in the file for the prototype were a plethora of design documents related to the demo including cut mission dialogue and a retrospective analysis of the demo. ✅

FusionWeb / Fusion Web Kit 2.0
FusionWeb and it's predecessor the Fusion Web Kit 2.0 make up a comprehensive archive of the FusionFall website. Scraped from the turner CDN thsee files can be used to create your very own FusionFall fan-site. Compiled by Mac this includes artwork, imagery, and graphics that will be nostalgic to any FF fan! ✅

FusionFall Legacy
Most files related to legacy are lost, as the project was cancelled before ever being released. 🚫 However, a 2015 era demo of Sector V has been recovered that was built before Dogon joined the team. The assets from the Legacy character creation demo have also been archived. ✅

Legacy-CharCreator - You can still run this but it's a bit tricky to figure out ✅
Legacy-SectorV-Demo - This is just a fantastic piece of FF history (see : ✅

2008 Beta Build "the frankenstein build"
It's unknown where the cache files for this came from, but a build of the game from the closed beta in 2008 surfaced and was made functional via a 2009 main.unity3d found on It's a bit buggy but is a neat glimpse into the game's past. It includes different player animations, unique trees, a test import of tech square from gamebryo, and overall just too many minor differences for me to list them all here. A fork of an older OpenFusion version was created by dong that's able to accept packets from the 2008 build. I'm not able to edit the main.unity3d with anything other than a hex editor but the other bundles can be modified with UnityPackFF. I've been able to port map squares from 2008 into our experimental retro build.

beta-2008-12-22 - you can't run the build without the server ✅

FusionFall "beta" builds (2010-2011)
Every build from 2010 through 2011 was downloaded and archived off the turner CDN before it was shut down. These builds of the game start with 104 which is the build retro is based off of, and go all the way up to the final academy release. ✅...

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